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About Us

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Renovo Technologies was started by Mark Linton, a chemist who previously worked for well known New Zealand companies in pesticides, paints and dairy. Mark decided there was a gap in the market for a company who would develop and manufacture chemical products specifically for small markets or problems found in New Zealand, rather than force a less suitable "global" product from another overseas market onto the small New Zealand markets to save the cost of providing the most effective custom product.

Renovo Technologies started developing and manufacturing professional insecticides for pest controllers in New Zealand, which were marketed and sold by another New Zealand owned company, under their own brand. They quickly became the products of choice by professionals in New Zealand.

Renovo Technologies always viewed new products as needing to be safer, more sustainable and better performing than those in the marketplace and a number of the professional products were incremental improvements of existing products, for example using a biodegradable renewable solvent instead of a petroleum based one or making the product water based instead of solvent based.

The journey that we have been on has led the focus in development projects to shift even further towards the goals of renewable chemicals. A number of new developments are based on using natural products to achieve control of pests which was previously in the domain of synthetic chemicals. We don't believe that renewables will completely replace synthetic chemicals which will always offer attributes that renewables can't, but that they are an important tool in reducing the dependence on synthetic chemicals. This path has led full circle for Mark who first did his chemistry honours thesis on Marine Natural Products as potential anti-cancer agents.

At Renovo Technologies we then decided to use some of our technologies to provide better performing and safer products specifically designed for consumers to use, whether home owners, lifestyle block owners or famers. A great example of this is our natural product to manage red mite problems in chicken housing, Banshee. This started as a product for large scale poultry growers but is equally effective for anyone who keeps pet birds or has a few chooks in their backyard.

Our product range will continue to grow so come back often and please send any questions or comments through to us.

All of our products are proudly developed and manufactured in New Zealand.

If you have an idea or an opportunity for a new product to be developed from the ground up, contact our development team through the Renovo Technologies company website,